LaunchM Surveys In the News

Below is a selection of the publications that have covered surveys run by LaunchM over the past 10 years.

LaunchM’s blind, independent surveys have ranged from ~230  to 1500 respondents.

Survey Finds Acceptance of Security Cameras on Campus

April 2016
Topic: Physical Security

Dynamic Voltage & Frequency on the Sidelines

August 2015
Topic: Low-Power Design

Big Brother Business Is Always Watching You

August 2014
Topic: Cloud Security

Tech vs. Selling your ideas — plus Wally/Joe/Dean/Aart’s tips

September 2013
Topic: CEO tips on Persuasion for Engineers

Network Storage Slowing Down EDA Tools

May 2012
Topic: Network Storage

Triple Threat: HLS, Equivalence checking, Power

March 2012
Topic: Power & HLS

Tools for Managing IP

June 2011
Topic: IP Design Tools

IC design/verification needs management tools

April 2009
Topic: Data Management

Log Off and Get to Work

November 2007
Topic: Internet Security

Why choose proprietary software over open source? Survey says!

October 2007
Topic: Open Source Software